Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 4 & 5: Solo Run-Walk Across the Philippines

(I didn't have internet access yesterday so I will just fuse day 4 & 5 here. I left my netbook computer behind so that I can travel light. So I rely on my cellphone or a local internet shop. But there are times when there is no strong cell signal or no open internet shop)

Yesterday, before the sun was out I was already on the road with a headlamp making the road visible. I walked very slowly, aware of God's presence as the sun slowly appeared on the horizon. This is what is called praying and meditating on my feet and with my feet. This may sound unorthodox but I can feel God's presence while walking or running on the road than kneeling in a church or chapel. When it was already bright, I stopped for coffee on a roadside store. After 10 minutes I was back on the road. The road was mostly winding, with lots of ascents and descents. I walked the ascents and ran the descents. Going downhill I remember the prayer that Fr. Brendan used when he blessed me before I set out on my journey: "May the road rise us to meet you..."

While walking briskly, two young girls walked beside me and we chatted for a while.They were on their way to school. They asked me where I was going and why I was walking. I had to explain to them in simple terms. At least they knew that Aparri was very, very far away.

As the day wore on it became hotter and hotter. I applied sunblock lotion on my skin but it wasn't enough. So I took out my umbrella and have instant movable shade. I rested for 5-10 minutes every hour to give my aching feet some rest and to escape the heat of the sun. I took a longer break during noon-time and took a nap under a waiting shed. After an hour, I was back on the road again, with my my umbrella protecting me from the unbearable heat. Late in the afternoon, as my feet ached from walking most of the time, I decided to shift to slow continuous running for the last 12 km which I found more comfortable than walking briskly. I reached Bunawan by 6 pm after covering 48 km and was welcomed by Fr. Pi - a guest priest. The parish priest was in Cebu for an operation. I had a heavy dinner and was in bed by 9 pm.

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and was on the road by 4:40 am. The first few hours was spent in a slow, meditative & prayerful walking. The day was pretty much like yesterday. Very hot and humid which again forced me to use my umbrella. I rested for an hour during noontime. I felt lazy to walk under the unbearable heat but I continued. Suddenly, it rained heavily - the umbrella came in handy. But it was brief and the torrid sun came back quickly. The umbrella stayed in my hand. It rained again when I reached San Francisco, Agusan at 3:34 pm after covering 43 km. I was met by Fr. Jonathan. He was surprised that I was alone, with not support crew or vehicle.

After 5 days, I have covered 211 km. 53 more days to go.


Bong said...

How do you manage to cover so much distance everyday without getting injured?

purpletoe said...

Padi, God bless you on your journey! I support your cause. May you be blessed with good weather, good health, and strength to run the length of our country. Do take care of your feet! I have a cousin who is a parish priest in Sorsogon. In case you need support or contact in that area, let me know.

Fr. Picx said...

Bong, the secret is to take it easy, take frequent breaks, mix running and walking, listen to your body. I will post the principles that I am using come Friday.

Purpletoe, thanks for the support

ksam said...

I'm so happy to read this post! Your telling me exactly what I need to hear as I'm getting ready for the Camino. Just had another series of shots in the foot, and will try to do as you said here, rest a little every hour. Thinking of you every day, Buen Camino, Karin

Jahnro said...

it should be 9pm not 9am Father. :)

Jahnro said...

Father. it should be 9pm not 9am.