Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 29: (April 29) Run/Walk Philippines

The myriad of stars were visible amidst the total darkness as I walked along Quirino highway early this morning. When the sun came out, I started to run gently. After 29,days on the road I felt fresh and strong that I did more intermittent running. The long downhill stretches along tree-lined highway made running easy and fun. Even as it got hot and there were few trees, I continued running taking short walking breaks. I only did more walking starting at 2 pm. This is the first time in many weeks when I did more running.

I was pleasantly surprised that the warm welcome and support of many people and motorists along the way continued. Like the last three days many greeted me, gave me cold water and juice, fruits and biscuits. I doubt if tomorrow as I enter Quezon province this will continue.

I reached del Gallego at 5:15 pm after covering 47 km. The parish priest (Fr. Ian Trillanes) was not around but left instruction to staff to prepare my accomodation. I finally met him and had chat with him when he came back.

Today I am halfway through my journey and I have covered 1135 km.

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