Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 14: Run-Walk Across the Philippines (April 14)

(this is late posting since my cellphone couldn't get a 3g signal and there was no internet shop in the town)

The road from Mahaplag to Abuyog was mostly downhill, so I did a lot of slow continuous running early this morning. Once I hit the flat and level road to Mayorga, I did a lot of fast-pace walking. I felt very fine and full of energy. My feet did not bother me. For the first time in many days there was no rain.

As usual, I made a lot of stops in stores and waiting shed to cool my feet, buy some ice water and bananas. Duringt these stops some people would come and ask me why I was walking/running across the country. This would become an opportunity for me to talk about my pro-life and peace advocacy. So it is not only in the pulpit of the parish churches that I preach about the culture of death and the Gospel of Life & Peace, I also do it in stores and waiting sheds.

One of the advantages of walking-running is that I get to meet a lot of people and see more of the places - which I can't do when I ride my bike or a car. Most of the people I meet are often supportive. The idea of someone running/walking from Davao to Aparri is indeed incredible to many people.

It became hot in the afternoon and in the last 6 km I could feel a blister forming in the soles of my right foot.

I reached Mayorga at 4 pm after covering 44 km. I went to the parish church and met Lyn-lyn, the parish secretary. She told me that the parish priest was attending a seminar in Tagaytay but after sending him a text message and got a positive reply she gave me a room. After a heavy dinner with the

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