Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 3: Run-Walk Across d Philippines

The parish church in Mawab was already full of people when I celebrated the Sunday mass at 5:30 am. I preached about the gospel of life and peace and also talked about the concerns and issues that are the focus of my running/walking pilgrimage. After the mass I had a cup of coffee & fruit juice and I was ready to go. After picture taking with Fr. Chris, Karla & other members of the parish staff I was on the road by 7:30. I was expecting to have another short & easy day since according to the internet distance calculator Monkayo was only 35 km from Mawab. But Fr. Cris told me it would be longer.
I wore my sandals for the first 4 hours but changed to running shoes when I felt the hot spots in the soles of my feet. I stopped by in Nabunturan for hamburger and soft drinks. I was back on the road by 11:15. I was doing more walking than running. When I passed a barrio in Montevista a guy approached me and shook my hand. He told me that several years ago, he walked with some members of the SDA from Bukidnon to Manila in 48 days. I found out that he is Pastor Emata - one of the first Filipino to Climb Mt. Everest.
Late in the afternoon, I felt my feet becoming more painful I had to take frequent rest. As it became cooler later in the afternoon I did more running than walking which relieved the pain. I reached Monkayo at past seven after covering 49 km. I miscalculated the distance. I also didn't know about roundabout detour to the Poblacion. I was welcomed by Fr. Cabrera, the parochial vicar and was immediately served dinner.

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