Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 23 & 24: Run-Walk Philippines

Yesterday was another long day - 50 km from Juban to Cumadcad. I had to start at 3:30 to make sure I get there before dark. I tried some running in the downhill portions but gave it up as soon as I felt some pain in my knee and feet. My main concern is to avoid injury. The only way for me to continue my long journey is to walk in a relax manner. Walking has become a means for survival, running is something optional - a source of exhilaration and fun but very risky when done continously and at a faster pace and with a heavy pack which increases the impact on the knees and tendons. I long for the day when I can fully recover and do intermittent runs.
I reached Cumadcad at 5 pm but the parish priest was not around. Nevertheless, the convent boys brought me to the simple cottage. Fr. Joel Teruel arrived after supper and welcomed me. I concelebrated with him at the 10 pm Easter vigil which ended at one in the morning. In his long homily he explained in my advocacy in Bikol language.

At 5 am this morning I was on the road again even if I only had less that four hours of sleep. By seven I felt so sleepy and weak that I had to take a nap in the waiting shed on the side of the road. After 20 minutes I was back on the road feeling refreshed.

Today is the 30th anniversary of my ordination. So I went over and reflected on my life as a priest over the last 30 years.

As I was nearing Daraga, I saw six motorcycle riders on the side of the road eating halo-halo. They wanted to have their picture taken with me and bought halo-halo for me.

I reached Legazpi City at 2 pm after covering 34 km. I stopped by a coffee coffee shop and ordered cappuccino and cake before going to the Redemptorist monastery.

Fr. Ron Murray, an Australian Redemptorist, welcomed me. Later, I concelebrated the 6 pm mass with Fr. Sylvester - an Indonesian Redemptorist. I had the opportunity to talk about my pro-life & peace advocacy during the mass. After the mass I had dinner with my Redemptorist confreres. I drank a generous amount of wine to celebrate Easter and my priestly ordination.

So after 24 days, I am now in Legazpi, covering a total of 940 km.


ksam said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter!!

ksam said...

I hope you don't mind, I added to the thread on the Camino Forum (which has suddenly been resurected!) about your camino. I re-entered your blog info, as some had wondered what you were up to currently. I believe there may be many others there who will be interested in your efforts this time too.

bimbim said...

happy 30th sacerdotal anniversary dre. and happy easter. be healthy and don't give in to "exhilirating and fun"...hehehe. we will continually pray for you.

all the best
Team Deboho aka Team Picx
(ghuia, bimbim, along, and others)