Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 21: (April 21 Holy Thursday) Run/Walk Philippines

I was expecting the moon to shine on the road at 3 am. Instead it was dark, rainy and windy. I had to use my headlamp, jacket and umbrella. The dogs were barking furiously at me as I held my aluminum water-bottle, my secret weapon. The rain didn't last that long.
When I started out I wasn't sure whether this was going to be another long day or a short one. The Ferry Terminal in San Isidro was only 30 km away from San Joaquin. But the parish priests in Gandara and Catbalogan told me that this is no longer operational. The other option was Allen which is 48 km away. I groaned at the thought of Allen - my feet still hurt. Fortunately, a driver who was fixing his truck told me that there is Ferry boat in San Isidro that crosses to Matnog at noon. When I arrived in the ferry terminal in San Isidro at 10:30 I found out that the ferry boat will cross at 4 pm. I was glad to have a short day and a longer period of relaxation.
So after covering 812 km from Davao to the northern point of Samar I finally took the ferry boat to southernmost point of Luzon.

What a scary ride! The ferry boat was tossed side to side by the turbulent waves. I was worried that the boat would capsize and I would not be able to complete my journey. I prayed so hard that God will save us. After one hour & a half on rough sea we finally reached Matnog. It was already too late for me to concelebrate. I just lined up to receive holy communion. After the mass, Frs. Alex & Joel welcomed me. We had a sumptuous dinner with the "Apostles."

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