Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 15: Run-Walk Across the Philippines

No running today, just a slow gentle walk of 41 km from Mayorga to Tacloban City. The new blister on my right foot was still a bit painful when I woke up so I decided to just take it easy. I think the heat of the road and the faster pace must have been the culprit. When it was raining every day, I didn't have any problem with blisters.

Along the way, a guy in motorbike stopped and greeted me. He introduced himself as Lito and he walked with me for 2 km, pushing his motorbike. We chatted for a while and then he got on his motorbike and sped away.

Before reaching the town of Tolosa, the seacoast became visible. I had to stop and admire the view. Walking at a leisurely pace was very pleasant for many hours - the pain due to the blister was just slight and bearable. But the last 7 km, it became more painful that I was limping. As I entered the city proper at 4 pm, I stopped by a coffee-bar by the sea and ordered a cup of cappucino and pasta with spicy sausage - my first meal of the day. I savored the cappuccino - this was the first time I had one since leaving Davao 15 days ago.

I reached the Redemptorist monastery and was welcomed by my Redemptorist confreres - Frs. Phil, Carlo, Tito, Gerry and Martin.

So after 15 days, I'm finally in Tacloban. I have covered 583 km so far. Tomorrow is a rest and recovery day.


ksam said... sound so nice...till I do the math...and realize you just said a nice gentle MARATHON!! :-0

Buen Camino Father...glad to hear your feet seem to be holding up so well.

Fr. Picx said...

HiKarin, thanks for the prayers and encouragement. I miss the Camino spirit - meeting companions and making friends on the road and the albergues.
The blisters are gentle reminders for me to take it easy and slow down. I hope you are ready for the Camino.