Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 26: (April 26) Run/Walk Philippines

Before going to sleep last night, I prayed that the Lord will take away my fever.
Upon waking very early this morning, the fever was gone and I felt all fresh and ready to go.
As I was walking along the dark road, an ABS-CBN TV news vehicle pulled up and the reporter (Thea) and her cameraman came out to interview me. She then walked with for a while before going back to the car.
It drizzled up to 6:00. As the sun appeared in the horizon, Mt. Mayon in all her beauty & splendor appeared without the clouds hiding her.
The new FILA shoes felt very comfortable. Even without being broken in, it performed very well. I even did some intermittent running, especially in the early part of the morning.
Throughout the day there were more people who were friendly and who waved at me or signalling thumbs up. A few wanted to have their picture taken with me including a policeman. Later in the afternoon, a guy addressed me as father, offered me water. He told me that he saw me on TV this morning. Although, I don't like to in the spotlight, I have to admit that the mass media can draw attention to my pro-life, environmental & peace advocacy and significantly magnify my small voice.
I am aware that Bicol has been afflicted by the armed conflict and environmental destruction. Almost everyday I see a lot of army trucks full of soldiers in battle gear. I also see signs in red letters extolling the NPA/CPP/NDF and proclaiming armed revolution as the solution to poverty. Some of the parish priests I met complain of the mining operation. My message of peace, the sanctity of life and protecting the environment is very relevant to Bicolano.

I arrived in Libon at 5 pm. Frs. Eduardo and Alray welcomed me.

Distance covered today: 43 km
Total distance so far: 983 km

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ksam said...

I was wondering which mountain that was. Absolutely beautiful!