Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 28: (April 28) Run/Walk Philippines

Fr. Jay & Franklin accompanied me as far as San Fernando, Albay very early this morning. We spent most of the time talking as we walked briskly. By 5:30 they ran back to Naga City and I was alone again . I appreciate their company but I still prefer the early morning solitude & silence.

Like yesterday I experienced an outpouring of welcome and support along the 51 km stretch Naga and Lupi. A fruit vendor greeted me and gave me sliced pineapple. I received a lot obread and biscuits that I gave these to poor kids along the way. Many asked for my blessing - old, young, children, policemen, truck drivers. Many also gave me cold bottled water. Everyone greeted me as Father. The two roadside interviews were valuable in helping me carry out my mission of proclaiming the Gospel of life & peace.
Tommorow as I leave the Bicol region and cross to Quezon province, I will once again become an unknown stranger on a long journey.

I reached Lupi at 5:45 pm and immediately procceded to parish church accompanied by a policeman. I realized I was on the wrong parish. The other parish in Lupi was still 5 km away. Nevertheless, Fr. Mark welcomed me.

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ksam said...

Ok, my turn to ask for your prayers Fr.!! I got a ticket to Espana today and suddenly became a nervous wreck!! So, how bout we exchange prayers across the globe, trading foot steps for foot steps!! Buen Camino, Karin