Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 30: (April 30) Run/Walk Philippines

Once again I was the unknown, mysterious stranger running and walking intermittently along the Quirino highway from del Gallego up to Tabugon today. No more expression of support and welcome, except when I arrived in Tabugon late in the when a fruit vendor gave me mango and the owner of a restaurant did not allow me to pay for the snacks I ordered.
My main worry was where to sleep for the night. I thought the nearest parish was Calauag which was still 22 km away. But I had already done 40 km. I had 2 plans: plan a - look for the house of the barangay captain and ask for accomodation, plan b - sleep rough in a waiting shed. But as I walked by a large a chapel I saw a sign "Visitation of Mary Parish." I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a parish. I went up the simple little rectory and asked the parish priest (Fr. Bong Rodales) for accomodation. He immediately granted me hospitality.

Total distance so far: 1175 km

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