Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 32: Run/Walk Philippines

Fr. Felix was waiting in front of the church at 5:15 am to see me off. He gave me an envelop with money and told me: we are right behind you.
No running today, just a 20 km leisurely walk from Lopez to Gumaca. Instead of scheduling an off-day I decided to just have 2 successive short & easy days.

Midway to Gumaca it was a joy to see the sea once again. The sea breeze was just exhilirating.
Upon reaching the city, I came across the youth delegation whom I met yesterday in Lopez. They are on their way to Lukban to attend the regional youth camp. They accompanied me to the cathedral. The parish priest was away but the seminarians who were left behind let me in and prepared the room for me.
I had lunch with Fr. Tony & Fr. JB who are joining the youth camp. I met Mgr. Del, the parish priest, after lunch.
I have already washed my clothes and the rest of the afternoon relaxing. I will be concelebrating at the 5 pm mass.

Total distance covered: 1227 km

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