Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 42: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

It was still dark when left San Fernando. After 20 minutes on the road, I switched to the navigation mode of my GPS watch and discovered that I was heading south instead of North-West. The tricycle drivers confirmed that I was heading back to Apalit instead of Angeles. So I went back and took the opposite direction.
The road to Angeles City was lined with trees on both sides. As the sun came out, I didn't mind the heat as I was trekking under the cool shade.
Upon reaching Angeles at past eight I took an hour's break in an internet cafe. As I continued my trek towards Mabalacat, a young wealthy lady in a parked SUV suddenly handed me a bottle of cold mineral water and tuna sandwiches inside a Starbucks paperbag. Later, a man near a fruit stand pressed some money in my hand and told me this was his expression of support. When I reached Mabalacat, the owner of a military surplus store gave me a head lamp after asking me to pose for a picture with him.
There were no more trees that lined the road between Bamban and Capas. The heat became unbearable I had to use my umbrella while praying the rosary. I was aware that I was walking part of the route of the Bataan Death March.
I finally reached the parish in Capas at 4:15 pm after covering 40 km. The parish priest, Msgr Tanedo welcomed me and granted me hospitality.

Total distance covered: 1530 km.

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