Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 46: Run/Walk Across d Philippines (Baguio)

I was planning to just walk slowly up to Baguio via the Kennon road but after 30 minutes of meditative walking I felt so fresh and alive that I started to run uphill intermittently, with some walking breaks (Galloway method).
For the past weeks I've done more walking and less running because I wanted to conserve energy and prevent injury. But today I threw caution to the wind and did more running even if it was mostly uphill and carrying an 8-kilo pack onmy back. Anyway, I told myself, tomorrow is rest day and I have time for recovery.
I love to run especially in the mountains. This is where I get my runner's high. Running up to Baguio brings back memories of similar runs in past - Busay & Kan-irag mountains in Cebu, Bukidnon-Davao, Pyrennees in France. But I know that I can't overdo it because I risk injury. Even if walking does not really produce a high or ecstasy like running, it is necessary in order to survive and to continue my journey. So there are days when I do more walking and less running, and days when I do more running combined with walking breaks.
The last 8 km to Baguio was mostly on the steep zigzag road. This time I did more walking. I arrived in Baguio at exactly 2 pm after covering 35 km. I stopped by Don Enrico's for pasta & spaghetti before proceeding to the cathedral rectory. Fr. Manny Panayo, the parish priest, welcomed me and provided me with accomodation. Fr. Manny remembered me well because two years ago, I conducted a retreat to the priests of the diocese of Baguio. They all went to Davao for their retreat.
Since tomorrow is his rest day, Fr. Manny went
Home. So, I'm the only priest here, with the cook and the convent boy.

Tomorrow is rest day.

Total distance so far: 1677 km

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tonto said...

father, im thea omelan from bicol. glad to know you've reached Baguio City already. Good luck Father.