Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 52: (May 22 ) Run/Walk Across d Philippines (Cordilleras)

I celebrated the 8 am Sunday mass and was able to leave Sadanga at 9:30. According to the internet distance calculator, Lubuagan was only 32 km away and I expected to get there before 6 pm. So I thought this was going to be a short and easy trek.
Well, it turned out to be the most difficult day so far. Lubuagan was actually 47 km from Sadanga! There were long sections of the road that were narrow and rough. When the rain came at 3 pm, they became muddy. The sun set at 6:30 and I continued to walk in the dark on a muddy and slippery road, with my headlight showing me the way, and the rain continuing to pour. There were no houses or people along the road. I was already hungry since I didn't have any lunch. Finally, at 9 pm, the lights of Lubuagan became visible as I was descending and I was just filled with joy. I reached the rectory at 9:30 and was welcomed by Bishop Jun Andaya - the Bishop of Tabuk who will walk with me from Lubuagan to Tabuk tomorrow. A hot meal was waiting for me.

Total distance so far; 1890 km

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