Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 40: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

I wasn't alone when I left Baclaran at 5 am. Fr. Robert Reyes (aka Running Priest), 7 Baclaran boys and 2 members of the internet forum for ultrarunners (Mar & Richard accompanied me. We were followed by an ABS-CBN TV patrol car.
After over an hour we were already in Luneta park where we posed for pictures infront of the Rizal monument.
We arrived in Malacanang at 7 am and proceeded to the gate which was closed. The guards were wary as we approached and I explained to them that I just wanted to deliver a letter to the president. After a police officert assured me that the letter will be given to the president we the went on our way. The 7 from Baclaran went home by train, and there were only four of us heading towards Bulacan- Robert, the 2 ultrarunners and I.
Another runner joined us when when we reached Monumento. Robert and I had plenty of time to talk. He shared with me about his present involvements and future plans.
We made several stops at sari-sari stores for rest and hydration. These were opportunities to talk to the local people. An elderly woman was very excited to see us and invited us to drop by for noodle soup and cold soft-drinks near lunch-time. We couldn't say no even if we were supposed to be fasting.
It became very hot by noontime, so we used our umbrellas. By then there were only three of us left - Robert, Richard & I. We reached Balagtas at almost 4 pm after covering 40 km. The parish priest of Balagtas was out of town but the parish secretary - Mario- welcomed us. After taking snacks, Robert went back to Manila by bus. Richard continued on for another 10 km before taking the bus home.
I'm very grateful for the company of an old friend and for new friends. Being with them made today's trek easy and faster.
The new running shoes I bought has been most comfortable - a Puma LIFT racer.

Total distance so far: 1456 km.

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