Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Day 34: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

At 4:15 this morning Fr. Misael Hernandez was waiting in front of the church with his hydration pack and head lamp. He accompanied me as far as the foot of zigzag road of the Quezon Forest Park. After stopping for coffee at a gas station, he headed back to Atimonan, I was once again all alone walking the uphill section and running the longwinding downhill stretches. It was cloudy and cool until I reached level ground. I continued to running intermittently until it got so hot that I had to walk most of the time.

I haven't ran out of 'angels' on the road. There were two motorbike riders who stopped one after another to give me cold mineral water. Two other men gave some money for my expenses.

By around noon time the heat became unbearable and I felt weak, dizzy and exhausted that I had to take some naps in the waiting shed along the highway. I was also afflicted by upset stomach & LBM.

I should have reached Lucena by 2 pm but due to frequent long rest stops I reached the cathedral rectory by 5 pm after covering 40 km. Msgr. Leandro was out of town without telling his assistant about my coming so I was an unexpected guest. Nevertheless, they welcomed me all the same.

Total km covered so star - 1291 km.

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