Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 56: (May 26) Run/Walk Across d Philippines (Cagayan Valley)

After concelebratimg at the 6 am mass, I had coffee with Msgr Othello and the other priests. Mgr Othello told me that he had just called the parish priest of Gattaran who told him that he won't be around and that I couldnt be accomodated. Mgr. Othello told me that he already called his friend who will put me up.
By 7:30 I was on the road. It was very hot in the morning . I felt tired that I made a lot of rest stops. The rain and wind came in the afternoon. I thought the storm had already come but it did not last long.
By 4 pm, I was able to cross the Cagayan river by motorized banca. I continued my trek along the national highway. It was already 7:30 pm when I reached Gattaran after covering 43 km. I was met by Joey who brought me to his home. His wife was cooking dinner when we arrived. After taking my shower we had dinner together.

Tomorrow is the last day of my journey. If everything goes well, I should be in Aparri in the afternoon. I hope the storm does not come our way tomorrow.

Total distance so far: 2023 km.


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