Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 45: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

I said the 5:30 morning mass at the parish church of Binalonan. I also preached at the 6:45 am and 8:00 am masses. The parish priest, Fr. Jimmy and his assistant Fr. Irong wanted their pashioners to hear my message of life & peace.
I was able to leave at 10:15 accompanied by Fr. Irong and 3 other young people. They went with me as far as the next town - Pozzorubio, 5 km from Binalonan.
Even if it was very hot, I was glad to see long stretches of tree -lined highway which provided shade. Being a Sunday, I wasn't fasting so I took a lunch break at a roadside restaurant.
I did some intermittent running later in the afternoon. The Cordillera mountain range was looming ahead of me.
Throughout the day I experienced once again the generosity of some people who provided me with material & financial support - from my hosts Rolly & Tita, from the parish, from young girls along the way, poor men with their few pesos. Some asked to pose for a picture with me.
I wasn't too sure where to sleep tonight. I knew there would be no parish on the Kennon road to Baguio. I even wondered if I could find a lodging house. Fr. Jimmy suggested that I sleep in the rectory of the Rosario parish, over 25 km from Binalonan. But when I went there, the girls in the rectory told me that the parish priest was in the US and they couldn't accomodate me. A tricycle driver told me that there is a cheap lodging house near the checkpoint at the beginning of the Kenon road. So here I am after trekking for 27 km. I'm thankful that some people gave me more than enough so I can pay for my overnight stay in Aqua Vida. No need to sleep in the rough.

Total distance so far; 1642 km

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