Friday, May 06, 2011

Day 36: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

I felt much better early this morning as I left San Pablo and took the road towards Cabuyao via Calauan, Los Banos and Calamba. As I descended towards Calauan I could see Lake Laguna from afar. I ran slowly and gently and thought I had recovered from diarrhea. But after coffee break in Calauan I had to make several pit stops - a total of seven the whole day (in the toilets of 6 gas stations & 1 barangay hall). Luckily, I only had to cover 40 km today, so it was not as exhausting as the last 2 days. But the last 7 km was still very, very hard. I reached the parish rectory in Cabuyao at 4:30 pm. The parish priest - Fr. Leonardo - welcomed me. I concelebrated with him at the 5:30 mass.
Tommorow I will reach Manila. I hope I can fully recover tomorrow.

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