Sunday, May 08, 2011

Day 38: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

Rest day in Baclaran, Manila. I had a sleep- in until 7 am and joined the confreres for breakfast.
At 9 am, I said the Mass in the large church attended by a big crowd. As usual I preached about my run/walk for life & peace advocacy. I linked it to today's gospel reading which relates the story of the disciples walking to Emmaus accompanied by the risen Lord whom they did not recognize until after the breaking bread with Jesus.

In my journey on foot for the last 5 weeks from Davao to Manila, I have been blessed by the awareness of the Lord's invisible presence. Although I trekked alone most of the time, I did not feel alone because I know there is Someone who accompanies me.
The Holy Eucharist is the recognition and l celebration of the Lord's presence in our life-journey.
It's a very wet & windy day here.Storm signal has been declared here and nearby provinces. I heard the news that storm signal no. 2 has been hoisted and some flooding in the places that I passed in Samar and the Bicol region. I just feel fortunate that I am resting for two days while the storm rages. I pray for those who have been severely hit by Typhoon Bebing. I hope that by Tuesday, this will be over so that I can continue my journey to the North.

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