Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 35: Run/Walk Across d Philippines

Walking 49 km with diarrhea was very exhausting. The pills I took were not effective. I made so many pitstops in roadside restaurants and gas stations that I felt weak and wasted. I suspected the onset of dehydration. The last ten kilometers was like experiencing the dreaded runner's wall - every step was agonizing and all I could rely on was my sheer will and prayer.

Along the way some nurses recognized me and called me asking for my blessing and to pose for picture with them.

I was also greatly encouraged when a busload of priests, 2 bishops (Bishops Tumulak & Velasco) and some lay people (all belonging to the Franciscan Secular order) stopped, alighted and greeted me. Among them was Fr. Robert Reyes - the running priest - who texted me earlier asking for my location since he knew they would be passing me. After picture taking and receiving their blessing they went on their way to Manila and I was alone once again.

I arrived in the San Pablo cathedral rectory at 6:15 pm. The rector of the cathedral whom I had written was out of town. He instructed his assistant to bring me to the bishop's residence where I was served a hearty dinner. I did not meet the bishop since had already finished eating and had gone to his room to rest.

Total distance covered so far : 1340 km


ksam said...

Please be careful! Can you get those electrolyte drinks? Maybe those would be better for you right now so you don't run the risk of getting so ill, you can not finish! Will definitely keep you in our prayers her. Rest and be well.

Bald Runner said...

bishop tumulak is a good friend of mine. i could see that father reyes had gained some weight. nice pictures, father picx. still looking good! more power to you!