Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 50: Run/Walk Philippines ( Cordillera)

The first 12 km early this morning was a slow uphill walk from Abatan to Mt. Data. This was followed by 28 km of mostly intermittent downhill running to Sabangan. I just couldn't resist the temptation to run even if I already resolved to walk slowly to prevent knee injury. I told myself that if any sensation of pain appears I will immediately shift to a walking mode. Fortunately, my knees felt alright. I was conscious of using the chi-running technique (bent-knees, midfoot landing, slight lean forward) combined with Galloway method (3 min run/2 min walk cycle).

My mind tells me that I should just walk the rest of the way to make sure that I reach my destination. But my body wants me to keep on running, even if I do it intermittently. I should listen to my body and not ignore pain. This means run when I can, walk when necessary. Running produces endorphine & nitric oxide which can me me high (that's why it is addictive). Walking, on the other hand, is like a sedative. Both are necessary. When overdone, running is risky since it can lead to the break down of the body. Walking aids recovery. Combining both will make sure I enjoy and finish the journey.

Four kilometers before Sabangan, I stopped by a coffee shop which had a good view of Mt. Kalawitan, the Chico river and rice terraces below. I ordered brewed coffee and pancake while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I reached the rectory of Sabangan at 4 pm after covering 40 km. The parish secretary, Dorna, welcomed me. She was informed by Fr. Mario (parish priest of Abatan) that I would be coming. The parish priest, Fr. William, has been on a leave of absence and the new parish priest will take over tomorrow.

I had supper with Bro. Noe (a seminarian) and Serafin (convent boy).

Total distance from Davao so far: 1802 km

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